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Tips for Choosing Pikolinos Shoes for a Mini Dress

Before talking about how to choose the right shoes for the mini dress, we will give a few recommendations about Pikolinos shoes themselves and their purchase:

  • When choosing and trying on Pikolinos shoes in the store, remember the main rule: they should be as convenient as possible. Wear shoes on both feet (never try on the right or left shoes), twist in front of the mirror, go through the store, make sure that you move comfortably.
  • If you have some extra weight, try not to buy shoes on a thin and high heel. In this case, the most successful option would be Pikolinos shoes on a heel 6-8 cm high.
  • It is recommended for women of low height to wear Pikolinos shoes with a thin heel about 8 cm.
  • Most often shoes with high heels are bought for special, solemn events. But many choose such shoes for everyday business style. If you constantly walk on such high heels, you may experience pain in your feet and muscles. Buy Pikolinos shoes with a lower heel and keep it at work for a change.
  • If you choose low-heeled shoes, then there are such options: moccasins or slip-ons, the heel of which is not higher than 2 cm. such Pikolinos shoes can be worn with dresses and trousers.
  • When going to choose shoes, take a dress with you, so that you can immediately try the whole outfit on.
  • Choosing Pikolinos shoes to a mini dress

    Young women with a slim figure and beautiful legs can afford to flaunt in a mini dress. It is always cute, stylish and very comfortable. However, it is necessary to choose the right shoes to match this dress. They should be beautiful and harmonize with the clothes.

  • Charming casual summer dresses in the style of baby-dollars - short and childish touching - will go well with elegant sandals on wedges and with straps.
  • It's clear that the best time of year for short outfits is summer. Calico mini-dress for every day, you should combine with Greek sandals, sandals on a wedge - with ropes or bows.
  • keep on talking about summer dresses. With a romantic and bright, airy and, of course, short beach dress it is appropriate to wear sandals with flat soles and straps.
  • If you have bought a denim or sports dress, you can pick up low-heeled Pikolinos shoes of brown color or sneakers in a shoe store. Color options can be chosen to your taste. Such Pikolinos shoes are very comfortable for long walks.
  • Denim short sleeveless dress can be combined with light sneakers of any color. In fact, white sneakers will soon become as indispensable in a women's wardrobe, as are black stilettoes.

  • Not all offices have a dress code that is so strict as to prohibit long-legged beauties from wearing a mini dress. You just need to choose the right style and business colors. Brown-beige or gray tones are the best for an office dress. You can wear any Pikolinos shoes with it.
  • With a short evening dress Pikolinos shoes with medium or high heels will look great. They can be both with an open toe (more suitable for young women), and with a closed one (giving the overall image of elegance).
  • Also, closed Pikolinos shoes are suitable for dresses from heavier materials (velvet or satin), and shoes with an open toe are superbly combined with light, streaming models of thin silk, chiffon and with tight-fitting dresses.
  • The color of shoes should be chosen in tone of the dress. But if you choose silver or gold shades, you can combine them with any color. These metallic shades of silver and gold add even more chic and shine to the evening dress.

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